25 de jul. 2011

"You can sit down". "No thanks, I can see the screen well from here"

One of the most shocking moments in the whole twin process is right the moment when you are told that "you expect two". And they tell you as if it were the most natural thing in the world while you wonder whether you'll collapse or what the hell will happen to you next. In fact, I was frightened enough just to think that I was pregnant (I was terrified of pregnancy). To top it all, you always have a "fairy" friend  who jokingly asks you "Can imagine if it was twins?". "No, of course not! What on earth are you saying?".

Looking back in time, I can clearly remember myself lying down at the gynaecologist's office. That she asked my husband to come in...

-You may sit down.
-No, thanks, I can see the screen well from here- he answers-
-You'd better sit down.
-Well... is it going to take long?- he asks a bit stunned-
-Please have a seat, your wife is already lying down- she  says pretty annoyed-

Poor thing- the gynaecologist, I mean. She pictured him unconscious on the floor after pronouncing the word twins.  "Yes, you are pregnant, that is for sure... and can you see this?" (A question that I still consider absurd after the nine-month pregnancy just like I did during the whole process, because I've hardly ever seen or understood anything on a scan). "These are two bags.. it's twins. Well wait, let me check it again...". I've got to admit that I did stop breathing at this point. "Yes, there's ony two of them  ". If it had been three of them, then I might have fainted.                                                                                   
"Everything's going well so far". And that's all. Fifteen minutes after arriving to the office, we leave carrying  two scans in a bundle of nerves. I get together with the "fairy" friend and I break the news to her. And yes, I still remember her bursting into laughter. I go back to work... it is hard for me to focus. Me, who wasn't sure about having children... twins! In the middle of the afternoon I receive an SMS from my husband. How strange, I think. "How are you? I'm freaking out". I'm more freaking out than you are, I think.
I am one of those people who had never believed in those categorical phrases such as "my life totally changed the day that I started college... or got married.. or divorced". Until the 16th May 2008. The day when I learned that I was expecting twins.

And you? Tell us about your experience!

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  1. Hello - Yes I found out at 9 weeks. I went to scan on my own as it was my first pregnancy and I just wanted to know (my sisters are twins). Yep spontaneous twins. I called my partner in the carpark - "Surprise". The girls are 20 months old now. Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa!
    thanks for sharing the story, and welcome to the invasion! I take note of your blog as well and I will follow it!

  3. Hi, I have two sets of twins. I was 7 weeks with the first set when I discovered it was twins. A mixture of relief, happiness, tears, nerves but overall massively excited. The second set I was delighted too - I just can't imagine having only one,odd I know!

  4. Welcome Angela and thanks for sharing your story.. .wow... I find really difficult to think about having two sets!!!

    I hope you keep visiting us! nexts posts soon...