About me

Nuria Brugués. Sabadell (Barcelona) Journalist.

Restless, curious, loving to discover other countries. At home I was taught to love books and writing. I also love the pictures. Perhaps that is why photography has always been a great hobby. Maybe that is why I always said that I loved to work television until I landed on a radio station. Traveling made ​​me discover the need to speak languages. And studying them gave me great opportunities to travel. I must admit that I love to pack up and have the feeling there is an adventure ahead. There is nothing like knowing you will discover many things and people.

As a child there was an image that captivated me. A red mountain, silhouetted in the desert. In 2004 I stepped on Uluru and realized a dream that lasts, because I fell in love with Australia. And so far away so close. Cerdanya is another landscape that is part of my particular world.

A world that changed in 2008. I had never been very sure about having children... I had twins. I knew mmediately that they are, along with their father, the great loves of my life. The twin invasion is basically a way to remember this whole adventure and leave it to my daughters.