28 de jul. 2011

When 'holiday' does not mean 'rest' any longer

24 hours and I will be on holiday. For several days I constantly hear: "You see, soon you will be on holidays, now get some rest". Who says that, has no children. Because now holidays are many new things, fun and exciting ... but there is no time to rest. With two children of two and a half years ... less.

We spent our first summer in the Pyrenees. One of the girls did not want to eat the vegetable porridge. Also we did not had too clear how to organize ourselves nor the time... it was a summer that could be described as disastrous. We were exhausted. The second summer was better. Following the timetable of the school everything worked on time. Now we are ready to start a new one. With the project of doing many more activities and have a great time with our little two ones… It will be fun, but I already know I will not have the time to rest. Every day I will have to think about the menus or I will miss nap times. Now I can not think of organizing those trips made ​​before being a mother. How I miss them! A few years ago, summer meant travel, languages, aircraft and meeting many people. I know they will come that back.

Like the first, second and next, this will be a different summer. Friday will be their last day at nursery school. A great story left behind… and new adventures to come. I am off, but will not forget the twin invasion updates.

Happy holidays, and especially ... take some rest! ;)

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