19 de jul. 2011

Do we form part of the invasion?

The first time that we came up with the conspiracy idea... we were just kidding around. "I think that they must put something in our food... otherwise we can't explain why there are so many twins. Someone obviously wanted the birth rate to increase". And we laughed. But day in day out, when we go out in the streets and we go past ten double baby trolleys, we gaze at each other with worried expressions. We are more and more convinced of the real existence of the conspiracy.

No government has dared to denounce it, they don't even speak openly about it. Few experts and researchers have even dared to consider it. We don't even have any evidence ourselves. We don't know who orchestrates it, why or for whose interests. However, the conspiracy exists. Twins want to rule the world and they are getting to every corner in the world. "Oh, how cute, so you are expecting twins? My neighbour as well". "Guys, you'll give some advice to my cousin, who also expects twins". "At school there are 4 pairs of twins... in the same class". Haven't you noticed? They arrived everywhere... and this has just started out. The twin invasion is a reality. Don't say it's not. You just have to open up your eyes when you go for a walk in any village or town.

Without knowing quite why, we have also become part of the conspiracy.  I'm a mom of twin girls. Yes, it happened to me. Through these chronicles, we would like to list all the elements that have made us think of the invasion. We would like to tell you how the twins have changed our lives. And how our lives would not be the same without them.

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