22 de des. 2011

Merry Twin-Christmas!

My little girls took part in the Christmas carol from Radio Sabadell, the radio station where I work. The song is in Catalan, my mother tongue, but I hope you like it.

Merry Christmas!

3 comentaris:

  1. Just popping over from the Blow Your Own Blog Horn Blog Hop!

    Even though I didn't understand a word of the song I LOVED it. What a wonderful thing to have been able to take part in!

    Happy Christmas to you and your girls x

  2. hello, also from blow your own blog hop.
    i am a twin mama to girls too, they will be one on new years eve.
    hope you and your family have a very happy christmas xo

  3. Welcome!

    Amanda, welcome to THE INVASION. Really happy you did like the song and the little ones involved in it.

    Nikki, New Year's Eve? What a magical day for a b'day! Hope to keep in touch!

    Merry Christmas!!!!