24 de nov. 2011

Scarlett O'Hara's theory

I have a theory. Nothing empirical, obviously, because I only thought that happened with my girls, but now I am discovering it’s not only us. Or perhaps it is evidence for pediatricians and nobody told me.

If you have twins, if you know someone who has, whether in school there are two pairs ... spread the survey and tell me, please.

The twin who was born smaller or with less weight… has he/she become later on higher or taller?

Ona weighed 2,500 kg at birth. Her sister, Estel, 3400. At the age of three months they were nearly equalled. Now, close to their third anniversary, Ona is much taller and weighs two kilos more.

I am pretty sure that after birth, Ona raised her hand and crying, she shouted: “As God is my witness, I will never be hungry again!”. Yes, a tiny Scarlett O’Hara on Gone with the wind.

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  1. My twins are 5 now, the boy was 7.4 lbs at birth and the girl 5.2lbs now she is 4 inches taller and 5lbs heavier - people think she is his older sister!