31 de maig 2012

Together - 2

"I am scared of the waves "
"Give me your hand"
"Hold me tight"
"Fear not, you're with me"

The conversation is real. Every line. Each season, the first day at the beach is like an adventure you do not know too well what can happen. Will they hate the sand this time or might they fear the water? Well, this year we had a fantastic first day on the beach and they had a wonderful time. "Give me your hand. Fear not, you're with me." They are three years old and they already know that together… they are stronger.

Together they can face anything. They walk together and learn to love, to cry, to fear, to be brave, to get angry, to understand that things can not always be here and now. I feel happy when I see them this way. They show me every day, that they have a very special relationship that I do not know how far I can understand. For many quarrels, jealousies and moments that are very angry ... I think above all they love each other very much.

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  1. Ohh, how I adore twinnies pictures and I especially love them when taken from the back, they look so together. Mich x