17 d’oct. 2011

"If I could have ONE whole day to myself, I would..."

(This post has been inspired by @BritMums personal blogging prompt. It's been real fun!)

If I could have one whole day to myself, I would… wake up at 10am. I would buy a newspaper, walk into a café and have a wonderful coffee and a chocolate muffin…

Wait, no no no no no no …

If I could have one whole day to myself, I would start it at gym, doing some exercises and swimming a little bit (just to prove that I am paying the fee) and feeling very well ‘cause I am (finally) and sportive woman.

Wait, no no no no no…

I would call a good friend and we would spent the whole morning doing a shopathon. Oh yes, that would be great!. Trying on clothes (not in a rush and not just one) without shouting: “Don’t touch this”.

Wait, no… much better.

I would call my Wellness Centre (mine? I haven’t been there for three years. Sure they have even erased my name!) and I would make an appointment. Massages, natural therapies, manicure… The most expensive pack they have. After all, you don’t have such a lovely day… every single day.

But just thinking about it… Wait!.

I know one thing I don’t want to do. No cooking today. So I would try a nice restaurant, for sure. And I would love as well some time to read peacefully. And I would be great to make the photo album early in the afternoon and not just before midnight.

Wait, no, I have another idea!

Excuse me, what does it mean that my free day is OVER? :(

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  1. hahaha....So funny. And so true.

    Off to dream about free days!

    Following from M&M :-)